Meet the Lagos Plumber who Withdrew his Children from Private School and Took them to Public School

Olufemi James, a plumber, was one of the artisans who worked on the construction of Vetland Grammar School, Agege. The school is the first modular, digitised container classrooms in Lagos; constructed by the administration of Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu to ensure a conducive and secured environment for learning environment.


BOSEKO, a story-telling platform that promotes the authentic success stories of the people and government of Lagos spoke to Olufemi about his decision to withdraw his children from a private school to Vetland college. 


Can you tell us how you found out about VETLAND College? Are you from Lagos state?


No, I’m from Ogun state, Odeda LGA, to be precise, but I work and live in Lagos. I worked at VETLAND college as a plumber, so it was easy for me. I was there most of the time, so I had firsthand knowledge about all the facilities built into the school.


What made you decide to move your kids from the private school? After all, they were in private schools, meaning they were in supposed good hands.


Well, the truth is that I had always been uncomfortable with the school my children were currently enrolled in. This is because they had been going there for a while, and even though choosing that school was a way for me to provide a good foundation for them, it cost me a lot.


How and why did you decide to move your children to VETLAND College?


Yes, I told you I worked with VETLAND as a plumber. Well, all through my work there, I could see how standard the school was. However, I could not tell if it was a private or public school.


What do you mean?


I saw many people I knew who brought their children to that school, so I approached the principal one day. I said “Madam, please, I’ve been working here for a while, but I cannot tell if this school is private or public. The amenities are standard, and even my children’s private school is not up to this standard.

She just smiled and told me it was a government school. I was shocked.


So did you then immediately transfer your children?


Yes, but at first, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it. The school term had already started, so I thought they would have to wait another year. Luckily, the principal said I could bring them to take the entrance exams. They passed; so that’s how I moved them.


Since they joined VETLAND College, would you say your children have improved?


Oh yes, very much so. Sometimes, I hear my children speak at home, and I’m so proud of the kind of conversations they are having. They speak very well and I am very proud of their progress. Not just them too, I have also been able to spend less and save more because I don’t have to pay so much again to give them quality education.


What would you say makes VETLAND stand out?

Oh, wow, everything, if I’m, to be honest. Their facilities are exceptional; it’s like those of a private school. They have ACs in all the classrooms and a standby generator which provides electricity if NEPA goes out. I’m so glad my kids can study in an environment as conducive as this, without me having to pay so much, yet their performance is improving. They also have a standard sports complex for people who want to do sports.


Do you have any messages for our governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu?


Ah, I want to thank him for a job well done. Because he cares for our children, his family and kids will excel equally. May God keep giving him the strength to keep doing this.

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